The Dream

The Careaux Dream- “For you to make all your dreams come true;

For you to be wearing Careaux when your dreams come true, and most importantly;

For Careaux to make you believe you can make your dreams come true.”

The Beginning

“A sequence of moment flashed through different decades, with every moment exuberating perfection, the only word that seemed fitting. Each scene changing with only two constants: the garments, and the stories being made. The magical garment was the Careaux dress being born and the story was the owner’s dreams coming true. Each person different, each dress different (in terms of style and size), each dream different, yet all equally important, unique and special.”– 2010

This is the moment Careaux was born. This is the moment the Careaux dream was born.

The Dream Diaries

It all started from a dream when I was fourteen. From that moment of waking up and telling my sister Laura, it has been our dream ever since. Our mission is to prove that dreams still do come true since Careaux is our dream come true, a dress come true. I’ve documented key places that have been a part of our story, key milestones in our life of making our dream come true. Read my dream diary soon on the blog and document yours in your own Careaux Black Dress.”- Love, Rachel.

The Dreamory Box

From our hands to yours, the dream-ory box is a place for your dreams to become memories, a treasure chest of moments that are special to you. We believe that the label on your Careaux dress should be more than a label. We have incorporated blank labels to write your dreams on and place in your box. Also in your box is a dream-ory envelope, to start a ‘dream chain’, to pass on through generations to inspire someone special to you to achieve their dreams too.

The dress represents making all your dreams come true. The dreams you’ve had since you were little, the old and the new. From a small child, we are told we can be whatever we want to be and make our dreams come true, yet as adults we can lose this child-like ambition. Careaux, wants to be the brand that restores this faith that dreams come true every day but most importantly makes you believe you can make your dreams come true by how special the Careaux dress makes you feel.

No dream is too big or too small, such as cooking your favourite dinner, or picking your children up from school. And since you never know when your dream will come true or where the next piece of magic in the world will appear from, live your life and dream in Careaux.  

Careaux is our dream come true, so we invite you to start Careaux fairytale and build your Careaux dress to build your dreams on.