Our Fairytale


Careaux is the magic of the dreams and determination of sisters, Laura, twenty-nine (left) and Rachel, twenty-two (right).

It all started with a dream when Rachel was fourteen of a dress that could change dresses as we knew them. After waking up and telling Laura, they fell in love with the idea and from that moment it has been their dream ever since to make the Careaux black dress, a dress come true.

The Careaux black dress is a dress which is the first of its kind, inspired by numerous moments throughout our lives. The main inspiration was from this belief that you can make your dreams come true, uncover The Dream here.

Growing up (and still now) Rachel used to always borrow (steal) Laura’s clothes as a right of passage as the younger sister, but there was always something she wanted to change about the pieces. She used to either love the skirt but want to change the top or the top would fit and the skirt would not. This was around the time Rachel made a dress with her Nana for her Art GCSE, who was the most beautiful dressmaker. She operated in a time of tailoring and finding the fit to the individual. It was our Nana’s helping hand that started our Careaux fairytale. Then came the name ‘Careaux’ which was inspired by our childhood dogs Carrie and Rosie. Whilst developing Careaux, Rachel went onto further study Maths which she applied to create the Careaux magic read the blog soon.  

“We believe that clothes should just see you, more than just worn, investment pieces to treasure, an experience. There is something beautiful in owning a piece which you can pass down to your children, grandchildren, or anyone you want to, and still be as special to them as it is to you. A memory can be a face, a name, a smell, a sight, but for us clothing is a memory. Between thread and fabric is how we felt, what we were doing and what we were dreaming. At Careaux we have a passion and understanding of the emotive ability of clothes and we want every Careaux customer to feel this too.

Thank you so much for visiting Careaux, we would love to hear from you so please do get in touch. May all your dreams come true and zip, dress, dream.”- Love, Laura and Rachel.

Believe with Careaux and start your fairytale here.